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Tama-Do Training

3 weeks on ZOOM 5-9pm UK Tutor: Terres Unsoeld 

Zoom Nov 16-22 2021, Dec 5-11th and Jan 9-17 2022


SPECIAL price for the full training : 2500 Euro


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2 weeks on ZOOM Tutor: Terres Unsoeld 

and 1 week IN PERSON in Market Harborough, UK !!

Zoom Nov 13-20 2020, Jan 9-17 2021 and March16-20 2021

SPECIAL price for the full training : £2100

Nov 13 (Fri.)

Nov 14-16 (Sat-Mon) 

Nov 17-20 (Tues-Fri)



Jan 9-11 (Sat-Mon) 

Jan 12-14 (Tues-Thurs) Jan 15-17 (Fri-Sun)

FREE Introduction to Tama-Do

Tama-Do Extra Points (TEP)

Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points (Shu)


Tuning Forks on the Musical Spine

Temperaments of the Soul & Tao Yin Fa II Qi Gong Tama-Do Sound Harmonization

Mar 16-18 (Tues-Thurs) 

Mar 19-21 (Fri-Sun)

Mar 22-23 (Mon-Tues)


Color I and II for Practitioners 

Tuning Forks on the 8 Qi Mo

Level I Review and Practice


Course Descriptors from the Tama Do Level Training programme, see below and the website for more info:


Shu Points (Tuning forks on the Acupuncture Command Points of 12 Meridians)

Fabien Maman first developed his revolutionary tuning fork technique, blending sound, colour light and acupuncture back in 1977 when he was a practicing acupuncturist/musician in the South of France.  He brought this technique to the UK and then the United States in the 80s... and the rest is history.  Tuning forks are now used throughout the world to heal any sort of ailment - from pathologies to spiritual enlightenment !  [just google tuning forks and you will be amazed at what you find! This course is a fantastic opportunity to learn the original Classical Tuning Fork technique from the Master himself.  Using Fabien's Classical Tuning Forks, made from the finest of steel, and specially made colour pen lights, students will learn tuning fork and light protocol to balance the meridians and the 12 main organs of the physical body.  Students will learn point location, the energetic qualities of the 5 elements, meridians and organs, the basic principals of the 5 elements and acupuncture, and the basic principals of Classical music structure.  

This course is ideal for healing practitioners wishing to add 'cutting edge' tuning fork techniques to their healing repertoire.  It is idea for general balancing as well as for the treatment of specific pathologies.

Students will also learn the Tao Yin Fa Series I (Movement for Health), Fabien's own form of Qi Gong, which works to stimulate and empower the 12 acupuncture meridians. Practitioners of TYF I feel new vitality and strength in their lives. 


'Musical Spine' (Tuning forks on Acupuncture Points along the Spine)

The spine is the central axis of our physical body.Fabien Maman has created a powerful, yet simple technique, using tuning forks, the musical modes of the seasons and colour lights along the acupuncture points of the spine to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields (Aura).


Musical Spine is a profound technique for healing practitioners in search of a new cutting edge technique to be used as a stand alone treatment or in combination with their existing bodywork or sound therapy techniques. On a physical level, Musical Spine is perfect to help relieve back pain, stress and physical trauma.  It helps to regulate sleep.  It harmonizes the physical body, the chakras and the Aura. On a finer level, Musical Spine helps to release physical and emotional pain caught up in cellular memories... It helps you to link with your central axis.... and your direction in life.


T.E.P Tama-Do Extra Points An Energetic Touch Technique to balance the emotions, chakras and aura 

This wonderful touch technique balances the Chakras and subtle energy fields (Auras) of the body, using Chi in the etheric (physical) body, sound in the astral (emotional) body, and color in the mental body. Each session creates a whirlpool of energy, allowing deep transformation. Tama- Do’s TEP sound tubes and lights will be available for practice and experience. Students will learn basic scanning to assess the energetic qualities of the chakras and auric field; point location and energetic meanings of 21 energy points of the body; with sound and colour correspondence of the chakras. TEP is an sxcellent compliment to polarity, cranial sacral, reiki and other energetic touch techniques. It helps to balance emotional distress and ground the people in their bodies.


The Psychology of Chinese Temperaments 

Students will learn the Chinese Five Elements Theory which describes the essence of our physical anatomy, and adds a psychological dimension through the diagnostiv protocol of the 6 Psychological Temperaments. This diagnostis too; helps you to instantly recognise the temperaments of those around you. Are you Shao Yang? Tae Yang? Or Yang Ming? What about your partner, friend or boss? This information changes the way you understand those around you as well as your self. Each workshop participant will receive an individualised analysis of his or her unique Temperament. The beneficial & powerful information provided in this workshop is useful for practitioners as a new way to diagnose and treat clients. Its complements the knowledge from other psychological disciplines. Whether counselling, healing interactions, acupuncture or basic communication, an understanding of temperaments can guide participants to a more optimal approach with other individuals. No tools are needed for this technique


Tama Do Harmonization 

Learn the relevance of the 5 elements of the natural world and how they impact our energy field. Introduction of 5 Element Theory (as used in acupuncture). Explore the qualities of 5 elements and their healing properties through use of acoustic instruments, sound making with natural objects and voice work on the chakras and aura. Practice this healing repertoire for both use in 1:1 Sound Therapy and how to facilitate a Group Sound Bath- Tama-Do style via the very powerful Tama Do Harmonisation. All sessions start with the practise of Qi Gong and how this practise can be used for health, well-being and spiritual connection. 


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