Sound Harmonizations®, Guided Meditation & Qi Gong (Standing Tai Chi) Classes

Qi Gong  (Standing Tai Chi) Classes


Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise & meditative process to increase energy levels as well as promote physical health & emotional and spiritual well being. There are many different forms of Qi Gong 

Carrie is trained to teach Shibashi Qi Gong

Currently Carrie teaches Qi Gong in  2 weekly Classes at Great Oxendon Vilage Hall, nr Market Harborough LE16 7NE


Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm

Fridays 10.30-11.30am 

All classes are £27 for a block of 3 sessions.

1:1 Online sessions (by Zoom) or face to face can be arranged at a cost of £35 for an hour.



Carrie teaches to promote awareness of the energy field and undertanding of how chi benifits us in order to empower people to find a daily practice that supports a more harmonious experience of life. All forms of Qi Gong have a slightly different empasis but all forms help balance mind, body and soul and increase energy levels, vitality and promote positive wellbeing and awareness. 


Please enquire for details of local classes, 1:1 appointments or how to experience one-off workshops in your area.


Tama-Do Sound Harmonizations®


The Sound Harmonization is a sound healing protocol created by Fabien Maman, the 'Founding Father of Sound Therapy as quoted by Webster's Dictionary'

These sessions fascilitate deep relaxation, auric empowerment and opening to your soul potential. This process is experienced through the transformative effects of the overtones in the musical instruments and elemental sounds, played around the body to clear and empower the aura.

This healing with sound is like 'opening to the silence within, where we can tune to our own dimensions as well as tuning our cells, chakras and subtle fields with the elements, the seasons and the stars... ‘It is within the silence between the sounds that true healing can begin. Feel your Soul potentials unfold.Currently I offer two sessions every 6 weeks at Great Oxendon Village Hall, Market Harborough.LE167NE

See below for the scheduled dates. Cost of the event is £22 or £40 for two people from the same houshold.


Monthly Meditation Classes


Meditation Classes develop your ability to access inner peace despite a hectic lifestyle or challenging circumstances. Experience different techniques to find out what suits you best and can be used to make a positive difference to your life. Meditation can bring about deep relaxation, management of mental chatter or emotional overwhelm, enabling health & happiness to return. Guided Meditations can also help spiritual development , connection and receiving insights and energy to help your soul path and know your way forward. 

Various self help techniques and mindfulness practices are taught along with more indepth guided visualisations during the sessions


Small group sessions are available to those who want to belong to a regular evening or daytime group either monthly or fortnightly. Please enquire to show your interest even if you cannot make the existing classes itemised below. I am always happy to start a new group if there is interest.

Currently there is 1 group running which meets meets monthly on a Tues Evening 7.30-8.45pm  (you can choose to join face to face or via zoom) Cost of these Meetings is £12, paid in advance.


What people are saying about Carrie Mitchell's Events


'I love the Tama Do Harmonisations and Guided Meditations that Carrie does. I always have a profound experience that leaves me uplifted for days!'


'Tama Do combined with the meditation classes has helped relieve me of my former anxieties & stresses. After treatments I always feel calm & refreshed. I consider Carrie to be highly professional & intuitive therapist. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone.’ Zoe


'I love the group meditations we do with Carrie. It is that rare opportunity to devote space and energy to myself, bringing me calm and focus. And with Carrie leading us through a series of guided meditations, I can surrender control, let go and relax completely which I very rarely do otherwise. I find that I sleep much better, have more energy and much more confidence as a result of attending each month.' Linda

Evidence for the benefits of Meditation and Tai Chi/ Qi Gong


The University of Arizona analysed 77 articles involving total of 6410 participants to study the effect of using Tai Chi and Qi Gong . 

  • There is strong evidence of beneficial health effects of Tai Chi and Qi Gon, including for bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, balance and quality of life’ Jahnke R, Larkey, Rogers et al 2010. Ng, Schmid, Rones et al 2010) (Yeh, Kaptchuk, Schmerling 2010)
  • Tai Chi can help Fibromyalgia as well as improve depression, mood, sleep and quality of life.
  • A study funded by NCCAM, researchers from the University of Cincinnati (USA) College of Medicine asked 67 people aged 12-19 with inflammatory Bowel disease to say which of the 5 complementary methods they had used to manage their symptoms recently and which they would consider using in the future. The results showed that 62% had recently used Prayer, 40% relaxation, 21% used imagery. Also 85% would use Relaxation in the future and 55% would use imagery. More than 40% said they would consider meditation or yoga as a means to control their symptoms. The study showed that girls and those adolescents with more severe symptoms would be more open to trying complementary methods to help themselves. (Cotton, Roberts, Tsevat et al 2010)