Reiki Workshops with Carrie Mitchell

UK Reiki Fed Master/Teacher, Carrie Mitchell

Reiki means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. This energy is referred to as 'ki' in Japan, 'chi' in China & 'prana' in India. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful practice to direct this flow of energy to the client in order to facilitate deep relaxation & promote feelings of well being. Carrie is a Reiki Master & uses her specialism of Colour & Essences to further empower the theraputic process. Reiki is non-diagnostic and non-invasive so it is suitable for all. It may be particularly beneficial in helping stress, anxiety, sleep problems & supporting people undergoing conventional medical treatment.

Carrie has worked for many years as a reiki Therapist for the 'Coping with Cancer Charity' that provides home therapy visits for people with a cancer diagnosis and their families.


Carrie is registered with The UK Reiki Federation to treat & teach. Cost of therapy Sessions £35 (£28 for low income clients) Please enquire for details on training in Reiki (or see the 'Reiki Training') on how to learn Reiki via 1 or 2 day workshops.   


Reiki can be enjoyed or sampled at the Monthly Reiki Shares (One Evening Meeting and One daytime meeting each month)

The Reiki Shares are where groups of people who like to give and Recieve Reiki can meet to benefit from Reiki and the increased energy of the group. 


They scheduled on the Last Wed EVENING of each MONTH 7.30-9.30pm

Or first Tueday of each month 1pm-3pm Please contact for your interest.

Attendance fee is £12if paid in advance. Those who are not attuned to Reiki Can come along and receive Reiki too (please call for more information)


Reiki can be learnt via my Tuition Workshops.


Reiki 1 (Introduction Level) primarily teaches how to use Reiki for self-practice. It can normally be completed in 1day or over two evenings and is usually taught as part of small group.  It’s a really enjoyable day of deep relaxation & self discovery. Cost £95 including Manual & Certicate.


Reiki 2 ( Practitioner Level) extends techniques and knowledge to a more advanced level where Reiki can be used to benefit others. This level is intended for those wanting to deepen their relationship with Reiki  and/or become a full practitioner of Reiki. This workshop is taught over two full days either as a pair or very small group. Students are encouraged  to take part in further Reiki Shares so that on going support and guidance can be offered. Students can either just complete Reiki 2 (with a certificate) for their own use, or if preferred, they can be assessed and given a letter of recommendation  to certify that they are a competent Practitioner. Cost of Reiki 2 £195 with Assessment cost extra at £30.

 Reiki Master & Teacher Level can be acquired at two levels. First the client is attuned to  the Master level energy and guided in more advanced Reiki Techniques and self development. In an optional second training session, the Reiki Master is taught how to teach Reiki to other students. This level qualifies them as a Reiki Master and Teacher. The Reiki Master/Teacher level Tuition package is agreed with the Tutor, on an individual basis, and can be taught as part of a group or on a 1:1 basis. Guide price for Reiki Master Level £240-£265. Additional Teaching Level & Assessment £150.


Reiki 2 Practitioners Level  17th and 18th March 2020

Reiki 1 Introduction Level Saturday 7th March 2020

Reiki 2 Practitioners Level 21st and 22nd Nov 2019

Reiki 1 Introduction Level August 2019

Reiki Master Level 2019

Reiki 1 Introduction Level Wed August 22nd 2018

Reiki Master Teacher Level April 2018 & June 2018

Reiki Master Level March 2018 & June 2018

Reiki Two Training Feb 2018

Reiki Master Teaching Level Sept 2017-

Reiki 2 Practitioner Level Scheduled for Sept 2017- dates to suit group

Reiki 1 Introduction Level Wed 16th August 2017

Reiki 2 Practitioner level (Group) June 2017

Reiki Master Level (1:1) June 2017

Reiki 2 Practitioner Level (Group) May 2017

Reiki Master Level (Pair) April 2017

Reiki 1 Introduction Level (Group) Feb 2017

Reiki 2 Practitioner Level (1:1) Dec 2016

Reiki 1 Introduction Level (Group) Oct 2016





What people are saying about Reiki Tuition with Carrie Mitchell:

'I completed my first level training some years ago elsewhere. It was a relief to find someone as professional as Carrie. Whilst doing my second (Practitioner) level  with her, the reassurance and confidence she showed in me was an empowering experience. The indispensible assessment service that Carrie offers, further increased my confidence to be a practitioner of Reiki.' Nicola


'Learning Reiki has changed my life for the better, thankyou so much!' Clarice

'I also feel such a difference in my general self! I feel lighter, calmer, more genuinely happy, full of energy and have a new perspective on the negative things and people I have previously fixated on. I feel as though I have been through a transcendent experience and now have integrated an amazing skill, so those other things just seem so trivial now! I suppose a little part of me still wondered if Reiki would really 'work', and if it was 'real', and knowing now that it does, and is, I want to explore all this uncharted new territory.' 


'I have long felt that there is an energy surrounding us that can heal and help, but never known how to access it at will. After training in Reiki with Carrie the mystery is resolved! Learning how to access the reiki energy both for myself and for others has helped me to direct my desire to heal with confidence and success. Carrie explains the process in non-mystical terms and makes a potentially “airy fairy” concept both practical and accessible.' Linda



The best available evidence suggests that Reiki & therapeutic touch may be useful in the following ways:

  • To contribute to pain relief (Keller and Bzdek 1986) (Gordon eta al 1998) (Neate & Neate 2001) (Benor 2001) (Hills & Taylor 2002)
  • To promote relaxation (Krieger et al 1979, Heidt 1981, Quinn 1982, Wardell & Engerretson 2001,  Neate & Neate 2001)
  • To improve sleep (Braun et al 1986,  Hills & Taylor 2003)
  • To reduce tension stress and anxiety (Heidt 1981, Quinn 1982, Olsen 1992, Hallett 1996, Neate & Neate 2001, Wardel & Engerretson 2001, Hills & Taylor 2003)
  • To provide emotional and or spiritual support  (Hallett 1996, Hallet 2000, Neate & Neate 2001,  Benor 2001, Hills &Taylor 2003
  • To contribute to sense of well being (Hallett 1996,  Hallett 2000,  Neate & Neate 2001, Hills & Taylor 2002)
  • To reduce side effects of chemo and radiotherapy (Neate & Neate 2001)
  • To support the palliative stage patient in dying process  (Neate & Neate 2001)