Intergrated Kinesiology

Kinesiology combines the best of western theraputic techniques with the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is non-invasive, relaxing & suitable for all, as it works by identifying the particular needs of each individual. Kinesiologists use a technique of gentle muscle testing to identify what is weakening physical or emotional health. Once these weaknesses are found, muscle testing can the prioritise the most effective therapeutic method to bring the person back to health & vitality. This method can therefore be used to establish root causes of issues as well as find the most appropriate way forward including recommending the optimum supplements and finding the most effective dosage for that individual. Clients remark on how Kinesiology has helped their life move forward in many positive ways. My work is particularly helpful in reducing stress & improving general fatigue & unexplained symptoms. I draw on a wide range of techniques including using tuning forks on acupunctiure points, neuro-lymphatic massage and use of Naturopathic remedies including herbs, health supplements & flower remedies.

Muscle testing can be used to establish food intolerances & support allergic reactions along side conventional methods.


Carrie is qualified and experienced in using Bach Flower as well as Complex Phytobiophysic Flower Remedies. These are often used to support clients between visits. As an experienced Kinesiologist, carrie can also advise on Herbs & Naturopathic Supplements that may support many physical symptoms in harmony with conventional or holistic treatment.