Fabien Maman- Founder of the Tama- Do Academy

Terres Unsoeld- Senior Teacher of Tama-Do Academy

Fabien Maman, Musician/composer, acupuncturist/martial artist is the founding father of vibrational Sound therapy as defined by Websters Dictionary.

In the early 80’s, Fabien conducted revolutionary biology experiments showing the impacts of acoustic
sound on human cells and their energy fields. Founder of Tama-Do (“Way of the Soul”), the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, Maman has spent nearly 30 years creating research and applications to ground the Soul in daily life.
He has authored a series of 4 books: "From Star to Cell: A Sound Structure for the Twenty-First Century", as well as his fifth book, “Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color”. His sixth book, "The Tao of Sound", is a manifesto for acoustic sound, and follows his more than 30 years of sound research.

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Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld, is Tama-Do Academy’s Senior Teacher. She became a teacher and energy practitioner in the early 80’s, making her own synthesis of bodywork modalities such as Shiatsu, Polarity, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, combined with improvisational dance, martial arts and theatre. A faery/shaman, she was initiated by The High Priestess of the French Druidic Order to teach the songs of ‘Les Genies de la Nature’. She teaches workshops around the world, and is the author of “Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color”, in collaboration with Fabien Maman


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The Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Colour & Movement

Fabien teaching in the UK

"When scientific research, spiritual practice

and artistic expression work together,
heaven and earth are in resonance.
This is Tama-Do "The Way of the Soul to the Light."


Fabien Maman


Tama-Do ("The Way of the Soul") Academy, created in 1988 by Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Websters’ Dictionary), is dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creative Soul-expression. 


Tama-Do Academy is an international community of Energy Light Practitioners. 


With a summer base in Switzerland, a Sound Garden in Malibu, California, and Satellite Centers in UK, France and Canada, the Academy practices Sound HealingColor Therapy, Chi Movement® and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts®  to ground the Soul in the daily life.


Tama-Do means "The Way of the Soul to the Light." 


Practitioners use Energy Work, Spiritual Practice and Self Knowledge to receive the Light in order to pass the Light on to others.


Tama-Do Academy offers a transformational Professional CertificationTraining Program in Sound HealingColor Therapy, Tao Yin Fa Qi Gong® followed by the ancient Initiatique Teachings of the Light.


The advanced work culminates in three Shamanique Journeys of the Light®, created by Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, offering Sacred Initiations in the Heart of Nature. 


'Through deep teachings and daily practice, we realize our Arrow of Destiny.  We know who we are and where we have come from.  We shoot like a rocket into our future.  We Joyfully, Wondrously, Powerfully and Nobly offer ourselves in service to the Light.' Terres Unsoeld


Our Academy offers 5 levels of training


 All Tama-Do techniques have been rigorously tested for more than 7 years by Fabien Maman, whose evolutionary body of work, spanning more than 30 years, is grounded in sound/cellular research, as well as the Classical traditions of music theory, mathematics, Chinese medicine, aikido, Kototama and astrology.


The Science Behind Tama-Do®

In 1981, French musician/composer and acupuncturist, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiment showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. He found that through a series of acoustic sounds, healthy cells became vibrant and empowered, and abnormal cells exploded. He also found that when the cells felt a vibratory ‘affinity’ with a certain note, the cell’s aura would transform into a mandala shape of vibrant colours. Maman concluded this was the ‘fundamental note’ of the cells, and the fact that the cells recognized their note, established the reality of their consciousness. If sound could wake up cells in a Petri dish, why not the whole Human being, or Humanity itself?

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