About Carrie Mitchell

I am in daily awe of how the Tama-Do techniques and teachings bring so many positive physical, emotional & spiritual benefits to everyone. I feel it is an honour to play my part in helping Tama-Do to become more accessible to a wider audience.

My childhood home was the Lakes District and I spent much of my early years walking the hills, listening to the trees and in awe of the wonders of nature all around me. Fascinated by people and how to help them, I studied Astrology, and then Psychology, working as a teacher for over 10 years, specializing in advising parents & children with Special Educational Needs. Even within the conventional school system, my role was so often to bring empowerment & hope to those who most needed it. My niche is sharing a higher perspective to facilitate positive transformation.

Previously a Holistic Practitioner of Naturopathic therapies, as well as a Teacher of Reiki & Meditation, I found Tama-Do Academy, which became my passion because Tama-Do has made such a difference to myself and to everyone who receives the Light through the teachings and therapies.

It is always a joy & inspiration to give & receive Tama Do, ‘the way of the soul to the Light’

Carrie Mitchell is a 2010 LVL II Graduate of Tama-Do Academy She has participated in at least 10 Tama-Do Shamanic Journeys of Light, in Switzerland and UK.


For more information on how to access treatment,  please contact Carrie for a friendly chat on 07814036314



For more info, see the main Tama-Do website at


Carrie's Qualifications:

  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology
  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certficate in Teaching)
  • Diploma Intergrated Kinesiology incl Nuitrition/A&P/Counselling Skills/Flower Remedies
  • UK Federation registered Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Bach Flowers Level 2 Certificate
  • Graduate of Shibashi Qi Gong
  • Practitioner of Tama-Do Sound and Colour  and movement Therapy

Carrie's Experience:

  • 20 years Experience as a Holistic Practitioner & Teacher
  • Experienced Facillitator of Meditation Classes
  • 10 years experience of teaching & managing in conventional education
  • 5 years Experience as Therapy Provider & palliative care to Coping with Cancer Charity